Just this morning, I saw a small window of blue sky in the otherwise dreary grey overcast, a promise of the bright sun-lit day to come. God is always giving us signs of His love and faithfulness to us.......if we are looking. That is what this blog is all about. Are we looking? And what did we see, hear, smell, or feel that our loving Creator put in our path? Why does He do that? Do we really want to connect that close with His affection for us? So many questions. Let's exhange some of them, and share our own sightings!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The obscurity of the stable

Why was Jesus born in a stable,    
          rather than a palace as the desperately longed for  king who would deliver Israel from the Romans,
          rather than the Temple as the long awaited Messiah prophesied about for centuries,
          rather than Mary and Joseph's comfortable, yet modest, home near to loving relatives            
                    any place other than a strange city where they knew no one,
                    any place other than an outside cow barn, cold, smelly, uncomfortable, and dark?
Why was He born in such obscurity?  It makes for a nice story, but let's be real here.

There are so many reasons,
          some now known with the help of common sense and  The Holy Spirit,
          so many more yet to be revealed at the Lord's knee!

The most obvious reason He wasn't born in Nazareth was that even though the scandal and whispers would have erupted again, there would have been little need to reach out in desperation for Jehovah's help. Mary and Joseph had all they needed right there.

With that in mind, let's consider the more treacherous reasons why He was not born in Nazareth, or a palace.
         How long would He have survived in Nazareth? When the shepherds came, would the Romans wonder why all the commotion, and investigate? Rumors run wild in a small town and everyone knows everyone. Herod, upon learning of the rumors, could have easily tracked the Child down and killed Him.
          The wise men may never have found Him. In fact many prophecies would have had to be changed if they were referring to the coming Christ.
Get's complicated, doesn't it?  But for sure, Herod would find Him and kill Him!

And a most tragic reason that Jesus was not born in The Holy Temple:
           The priests and other ruling hierarchy of temple greed, deception, legalism and politics, would have imprisoned Him in their doctrine, brainwashed His pure mind, and even if not successful at that, they would have made His life unbearable.
           Jesus could never have left their influence.

Soooo, the most precious and important reason was for us ....the need for us to have grow through uncertainty and misty memories to strong certainty that what God told us is true! Mary and Joseph lived it out!
        It was for Jesus to grow up as a normal child in order to display to the common man the TRUTH and LIGHT available for us as we live out our lives on earth.          

The many other reasons?  I'll ask Him when I see Him face to face in eternity.

But this I know...He whispered it to me as I was listening to O Holy Night, "You may think your life and ministry are unimportant, and shrouded in obscurity, but I, the Lord, have a plan for you, too. Trust Me as Mary and Joseph did.  Always keep growing in faith.  Your faith brings more glory to Me as I watch with such pleasure and joy.
Stay obscure so that My Father in heaven can be glorified.  Just listen and follow Me. If I choose to bring you out of the shadows....let it be into My light.
And it is up to Me, your Creator, to fill out the story in the perfect way."

"All is well, Immanuel." said I.
"All is well, My love." said Jesus.


Friday, September 29, 2017

     So excited!!!  My Bible Study in the Song of Solomon has just been republished and the New Edition is now available on my web site (, Redemption Press, (, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and soon most book retailers. Watch for my special deal coming up in a week or two on my Facebook page.
     To be truthful I sound like I know what I'm doing with all of these online things, but I just limp along slowly, learning as I go.  Forgive any mistakes you spot, or delays, or even outrageous  errors in getting your books.
     A few days ago, midmorning, I was just sitting down in my prayer chair with a cup of coffee for my time with my Beloved, but found myself acting out in my mind how I would begin marketing the book(my main goal for today). Something became very clear in my thoughts regarding the shuffling of my finances to be able to buy some books, pay for my credit card charges regarding book publishing, and whether or not to separate out the money received for the sale of the books, etc.
I suddenly had the impression that the Lord and I had just had a corporate meeting and He had given me the answers that I had been very concerned about in the past few weeks. In fact, I could picture Him on the other side of the table with a big grin on His face, His big hands flat on the table saying, "Well, now that that is over, let's get on with the more important business......where do you want to start?"
     Every day, my heart is full of thanksgiving for how the Chairman of the Board of my book, the first Bible study using my book that I'm co- leading at my church, my art classes and all the other areas and activities  I am involved in   (JLokits, Inc  ... that's a joke) He manages to keep me from falling flat on my face!

      But....the best part is when I lean back in that chair, close my eyes as one of my incredible worship CD's play, and see Him, The Lord Jesus Christ, beckoning me to join Him in the garden. Once again I hear His gentle words of love and so much more.....the mysteries of Him.  This is what I live for, and desire most.  A lesson learned in the Song of Solomon. 

Be watching for the special coming up in the next week or two!  I'll announce it on Facebook.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The most incredible experience

     I just had the most incredible experience this my pajamas and in my own kitchen!
I prayed out loud and heard hundreds or thousands or more praying with me together.  No, I wasn't watching TV or a CD or some other electronic marvel.  Only a telephone....not even a cell phone!
     At 9:25 I suddenly remembered that I had planned last week to call in and join this First Friday Prayer Conference Call.  For over a year I have been led to start some kind of intercessory prayer group or team.  Some doors have closed, others haven't opened and I still believe God is calling me to do this!    Have you ever been in that spot?
     Intercessory prayer (prayer on behalf of others) is a big calling in my life...being a "watchman on the walls" to help guard, defend, and sound the alert in my part of the Kingdom of God.  I, like many others, however, get caught up in the duties of the day and our own flesh which keep distracting us, and I fall far short of the calling.
     Lately, God has confronted me with books, articles and other eye-opening reminders of God's power and promises to answer our prayers.  But He also keeps reminding me of the power that I have when doing battle with the heavenly forces of evil, and not just that I have this power...but that nothing may happen if I don't use this power.

     Enter:   Intercessors for America!  I read avidly their monthly news letters which give me the "inside scoop" about what is happening in this world of prayer, answers to prayer, and aids to help me join the thousands, maybe even millions of other intercessors for America. Being reminded about our Founding Fathers' belief in the power of prayer for their endeavors, about our current leaders and their personal and public needs, as well as knowing about what God is doing in answer to these prayers takes about 1/2 hour while I eat lunch.   That last issue was when I committed to join the monthly conference call.  This was a first for me!
     But it was so easy!  I called the phone number printed in the reminder box of the news letter, and when it answered and told me to click in the access code, I followed the directions.  And, voile, I was listening into the conversation! David Barton was asking for prayer for Wallbuilders, a wonderful organization which teaches churches, schools, and others about the spiritual foundation of our country.  I had heard him speak in my church in Florida almost ten years ago and was very moved.
     Then, they "turned off the mute button" which allowed me to hear hundreds, thousands or who knows how many others praying for Wallbuilders.  There was a cacophony of voices, even some singing, all praying in their own way.  I got goose-bumps.  After a minute or two, the mute button was turned on so that I could hear someone else offere up a concern for our youth who are being so influenced by deception and darkness.  Then we prayed, as the mute button was turned off so we could hear the multitudes of prayers and singing.  After a couple of other specific prayer requests for our leaders and the Congress and courts, once again, each time, we all prayed together.  Finally, one man  encouraged us all with the fact that there are several serious prayer groups in the White House and halls of Congress, and that the President, himself is not only open, but encourages prayers and Godly words of wisdom within the White House and personally for himself.
     I am so encouraged!  And now I know how to answer my Lord's calling.

     I am going to regularly write in this blog encouragements and helps, requests and needs for America, and we will together become Intercessory Prayer warriors. It's up to you as to whether you want to join, (there are no dues); however, remember the Bible is full of admonitions even from our Lord that we pray.  We are somehow His partners. We are His betrothed, His helpmate.  Amazing, isn't it?  Let me know if want to join.
      First suggestion:  Go online to
Pray for America's Leaders      or       Intercessors For America