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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Responding to the 2012 Election results

Sharing with you the thoughts of my heart on the day after the 2012 Election:

If you are a Christian....

     I grieve for the America I loved. We are outnumbered and we must find a way to lead this country to Truth. As a Christ-bearer I believe our concern about losing the Christian values so much of America rejects can only be remedied by a change of hearts.

     We believe in God's omnipotent power to place the rulers in power whom He chooses. Perhaps that is how God intends to answer our prayers. Yesterday, when I expected a Romney win, I really felt a real concern, almost a fear that the Church would go back to "business as usual" because we would think that a more conservative government would make things better.. if our prayers had been answered this way!

     As I have prayed I have come to believe that the old spiritual truth that suffering and injustice brings us to our knees in sincere and passionate intercession. This is the kind of prayer that is so effective.

     It will take more than one election to bring this country back to traditional Christian and conservative values......just look around at the values on display everywhere. It will take an earthquake of continued intercession.....we need to be on our face day after day before the Lord. I'm not sure that is where we really are yet. God may be giving us that opportunity if we really want Him to heal this land.
      How much sleep have we lost in order to interceed with passion and real humility. "if my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves[and understand that only God can bring this to pass] and pray and seek My face[day after day]...."  

     Can we be honest enough with ourselves to judge whether or not that describes the intensity of our prayer life?

     Or will we just accept our country as it's easier that way....and learn to adjust? That is the history of the Church in America.

     I know where I'm going to be for the next four years......WITH GOD'S HELP AND THE HOLY SPIRIT'S GUIDANCE. Will you join me?

One more thing.  I'm struck by the connection with where we are now in this country and the narrative of this book/movie.  Give it a read.

READ: THE HARBINGER by Jonathan Cahn
SEE:  The author's interview with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club on CBN. 

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