Just this morning, I saw a small window of blue sky in the otherwise dreary grey overcast, a promise of the bright sun-lit day to come. God is always giving us signs of His love and faithfulness to us.......if we are looking. That is what this blog is all about. Are we looking? And what did we see, hear, smell, or feel that our loving Creator put in our path? Why does He do that? Do we really want to connect that close with His affection for us? So many questions. Let's exhange some of them, and share our own sightings!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

During my walk this morning, I noticed a beautiful feather in my pathway, and picked it up, knowing it was a gift from my Beloved to remind me of His love for me. (You can read about my first feather in Bouquets from My Beloved). Then I saw another and another and another all very close together, and I suddenly knew that the donar, one of our lake ducks, probably had been killed last night by a fox, or racoon. I wanted to throw the feathers away, feeling almost guilty that I should be blessed by an act of violence and loss of life. Then, I heard the soft voice of the Holy Spirit saying to me,"This is a picture of how I use the hard and often tragic events in your life for good for you".
I realized how true this is. In fact it is often the suffering in my life that leads me to seek Him desperately, and that is always answered by resurrection in some way in my life, just as dead leaves, when piled up together with a little soil added makes great mulch for the new plants to grown in. What a wonderful Creator we have! Nothing is wasted or without value.
I picked up all the feathers (about 5) and held them close to my cheek and neck and brought them home to add to my collection of precious and valuable gifts from the Bridegroom.

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