Just this morning, I saw a small window of blue sky in the otherwise dreary grey overcast, a promise of the bright sun-lit day to come. God is always giving us signs of His love and faithfulness to us.......if we are looking. That is what this blog is all about. Are we looking? And what did we see, hear, smell, or feel that our loving Creator put in our path? Why does He do that? Do we really want to connect that close with His affection for us? So many questions. Let's exhange some of them, and share our own sightings!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My heart burns for You....

In my walk this morning with earbuds in place, I listened to an album, Consumed, by Jesus Culture,and the refrain " heart burns for You..." kept coming to me over and over again when I returned and sat down to have my quiet time (QT) with the Lord.

Lord, how do we get to the point where You are more than just a "household Name" in our lives? What makes my heart burn for You? Another song in this album says, "We are Your burning ones". Lord, help me to understand how to set my heart on fire for You.

Mat. 2:1 - 23 and John 1:1-18
Just meditating on the real effects of Jesus' birth on His family, His visitors, and His neighbors...all were profoundly empacted by "Immanuel", God with us, most tragically, the families who lost baby boys after the Wise mens' visit. How long did it take for them to understand and accept that these children died because Jesus lived and was among them? Did they blame God the Father? Bodie Thoene's historical fiction series, A.D. Chronicles, include a shepherd who was one of those, who became bitter and then was converted later during Jesus' ministry.

But John's first few verses speak most to me of the revelation of the incarnation of God, the Word, amongst us.
Vs. 18 No one has ever [completely]seen God; the only God [Jesus] who is at the Fathers's side has made Him known!
Known to those who saw Him then
Known to those who have heard and read about Him since
Known to me

Lord, You chose to reveal Yourself to me, individually! You chose to make Yourself real to me, to tell me in so many ways that You love ME! You are always behind me, beside me, and in front of me.....I feel Your touch when I cry out for it. You answer little prayers like the one I prayed at the beginning of this entry, and You teach me about Yourself. This is Your gift to each of us who choose to believe. You have made Yourself known to me!

That makes my heart burn!

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